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To start your web project on the right foot, it is essential to have a clear vision of the goals you want to achieve. At ARQOS, we understand that every website has a unique purpose.

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The Startup plan, centered on a Landing Page, offers several advantages for professionals or companies looking to establish their online presence for the first time:

Focused presentation: A Landing Page focuses on a clear and concise message, presenting key information in a straightforward manner.

Ease of navigation: Being a single page, navigation is simple and the user experience is intuitive, facilitating interaction.

Quick launch: The design of a Landing Page allows a fast and efficient development, which is ideal for those who want to have an immediate online presence.

Conversion Focus: Designed to convert visitors into leads, a Landing Page is structured to encourage specific actions, such as completing forms or contacting directly.

Cost-effective: It is a more economical option compared to larger websites, perfect for those with tighter initial budgets.

Data capture: Ideal for collecting valuable information from potential customers through contact forms or subscriptions.

Adaptability: Can be a staged first step before expanding to a full website as online presence grows and needs evolve.

Focus on clear objectives: Allows you to focus on specific objectives, whether it is lead generation, product promotion or dissemination of key information.

In short, a starter plan with a landing page is an effective and quick solution for those looking to establish their online presence with a clear focus on conversion and impactful presentation of their message.

In summary, the Professional plan with a four-section website is ideal for those looking for a more complete online presence, with a professional presentation and the ability to highlight key aspects of your business.


The Professional plan is perfect for companies that want to further expand their online presence. The advantages of opting for a Professional plan with a four-section website include:

Breadth of content: With four sections, you have the possibility to present more detailed information about your company, services or products.

Structured navigation: The multi-section structure allows for a more organized navigation and helps visitors find the information they are looking for efficiently.

Comprehensive presentation: Each section can address specific aspects of your company, such as services, equipment, testimonials and contact, providing a more complete view.

Professional image: A website with multiple sections conveys a more professional and stable image of your company, generating trust among your visitors.

Improved SEO: The presence of multiple sections offers more opportunities for search engine optimization (SEO), which can improve visibility in search results.

Inclusion of Galleries or Portfolios: Ideal for creative professionals or companies that wish to showcase their projects, products or services through images.

Enhanced contact forms: You can implement more detailed or customized contact forms to facilitate communication with potential customers.

Adaptability to future expansion: The four-section structure provides the flexibility to expand your website in the future as your business grows or new services are added.

Integration with social networks: You can easily integrate links to your social media profiles, reinforcing your online presence and making it easier to connect with your audience.